Modern cooking is personal, healthy, sustainable, natural and brings pleasure. To meet new lifestyles, we need to rethink our traditional food preparation methods and appliances.
Modern eating habits bring pleasure with unexpected, diverse and healthy flavors adapted to personal diet and style. Nao is a toaster for the new lifestyle – with its honest and pure character and details articulated with a texture resembling marks of grilling that speak of the tactility of natural food.
A white canvas for exploring simple and fast new ways of preparing the food of the future. 
Nao is adapted for the preparation of a complete meal with its detachable large ceramic heating surfaces and the redesign of the mechanism which, through a combination of translation and rotation, enables uniform pressure on food of different thicknesses; as well as opening 180° to make a large grill surface.
The interdependence of translation and rotation in the redesigned opening mechanism opens the ability to easily cook a full meal with diverse ingredients in a toaster by enabling uniform pressure on food of different thicknesses, as well as giving the toaster the ability to open 180° to make a large grill surface of two ceramic surfaces.
The project was created at Zagreb School of Design and mentored by doc. art. Andrea Hercog

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