Vestibula is an interactive object that explores the connection of the human experiences of balance and motion. In addition to telling a story of the anatomy and process of physical balance, the object is also an interactive toy.
As we move, the moving fluid of the inner ear stimulates the wall of the three canals of the vestibular system that gives us a sense of balance and space. 
The asymmetric object Vestibula, as an interpretation of the balance in the human body explores its connection between movement, touch and sound. When one picks up the object, it creates a sound in relation to movement. A glass bead moves through the object in three planes, and its position is sensed without visual contact — only by its weight, the vibration of the tube and the sound as a result of interaction — giving a sense of spatial orientation without sight.
The project was created at Zagreb School of Design and mentored by assist. Nina Bačun.

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