Finalist at Zagreb Design Week 2023
Student project at Zagreb School of Design
Art/ificial is an object for temporary, open and active seating that reflects the contemporary lifestyle – questioning the potential of new technologies and artificial intelligence in shaping future object environments. Always present in personal or shared spaces, as an on-demand chair or a sculptural object-experiment whose appearance remains to be developed through interaction.

The asymmetrical organic form is the result of generative design – an approach that uses algorithms and computer intelligence in dialogue with the designer to explore variations of ideas and generate unexpected design solutions that are otherwise impossible to achieve. The light portable chair (1.8 kg) is made using additive technologies – highlighting the value of designers' openness to experimenting with the new.
A reinvention of the chair archetype is long overdue in the context of destructuring traditional roles and hierarchies in creative spaces – work and lifestyle becoming increasingly temporary, active, cooperative and open. This should be reflected in active sitting that encouraging connection and movement between multiple activities and contexts.
Initially, art/ificial is created as a calculation of physical requirements through generative design, but in its structurally optimized, uniquely complex geometry, it reflects the nature of algorithmic creation and reveals the play of intuitive balance, movement and inherent humanity.
The final project is followed by a catalogue of generative experiements as an exploration of what is a chair, and what can it become?
The work is supported by a five-chapter critical review on various aspects of the relationship between humans, nature, innovation and AI, which transforms the designer's role and through speculative scenarios questions the adequacy of traditional design approach as a stimulus for reflection on innovation in the context we are entering.
The project was created at Zagreb School of Design.
Mentor: assoc. prof. mr. sc. Ivana Fabrio
Assistant: Nataša Njegovanović
Product photography: Pavel Posavec

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