Finalist at Zagreb Design Week 2023
Finalist of the competition for the creation of a new textile product Izaberi balu, zarolaj ideju for the brand Štof by Prostoria, organized by Croatian Designers’ Association
Planum is a collection of functional textile products for flexible organization, storage, display and carrying of personal items between different work, living and hybrid spaces and situations. From a compact roll, it intuitively becomes a portable workspace for personal expression or collaboration, a canvas for ideas that can be unrolled anywhere and anytime.

The patterns are adapted to maximum use of surplus quality fabric from Prostoria production facility, according to the most common width of material (140 cm), with minimal need for additional supplies (elastic band and thread) – which brings the potential for interesting interactions and expanding the collection.
Planum's grids are derived from modules found in the windows of famous buildings of Zagreb modernist architecture – Lisinski, Rakete and Vjesnik. Reflecting the idea of Prostoria, in this way the ever-present underlying patterns of the inherited geometry and values of modernist architects become a grid for the inspiration and activity of a new generation of creatives.​​​​​​​
Planum L, M and S represent only part of the potential of the collection, which can create completely new personality and inspire new users by expanding the palette of colors, materials, dimensions and grids from the rich archive of Croatian modernist architecture, offering the possibility of building seasonal and limited edition series with special materials.

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