Finalist at Zagreb Design Week 2023
Student project at Zagreb School of Design
Flux is a system for temporary storage designed as scenography for the transformation of entering and leaving the home. It is created through an exploration of the dramaturgical and choreographic dimension of the entryway that inspires play, movement and whimsical open interactions with the user as an actor on the border between the inside and outside.

The word "foyer" has roots in the classical theatre, as a room where actors rest before going on stage, or a theater vestibule before entering the "other world". The items in the anteroom are costumes and props for entering the stage of the outside world – and the furniture is the scenography of the passage.
Just as one can compose colours, or forms, so one can compose motions.
Alexander Calder, Staging Movement
The construction consists of the frame as a unique mobile of elements for hanging and storing objects that play with different material properties, openness, density, tactility, movement and sight, light and shadow — together or individually with the aim of intuitive use for temporary storage in a context that goes beyond the hallway.
The name Flux signifies the process of continuous transformation, passage or movement.
The project was created at Zagreb School of Design as a Bachelor's diploma project.
Mentor: assoc. prof. mr. sc. Sanja Bencetić
Assistant: Nataša Njegovanović

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